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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Engagement, marriage

Blah, blah, blah It seems the singer Pink was around town last week, supporting her motocross boyfriend, Carey Hart at this year's races. Pink was spotted at Mammoth Sporting Goods, buying trail running shoes, and at Lakanuki where she did an impromptu performance at the Pro Blues Jam on Wednesday night with Hurricane Hoover and Rocky Scholl. Then, during the Pro 250 class finals on Sunday, June 26, during Hart's third lap in the race, "Pink" wrote on a pit board, "Will You Marry Me?" (Right in front of the grand stands before the tree turn for everyone to see). Hart continued another lap when "Pink" decided to write, "I'm serious!" Hart pulled off the track, let his competitors pass him, and picked up his long-time girlfriend and future wife. You go girl, and again...another Mammoth Motocross Proposal and "Hollywood" memory! [Mammoth Times] American Idol's Bo Bice Marries Thursday Jun 30, 2005 2:00pm EST By Nancy Wilstach Bo Bice American Idol runner-up Bo Bice and his girlfriend, Caroline Fisher, have gotten married in their home state of Alabama, PEOPLE has confirmed. The couple, who have been together for almost two years, exchanged vows on June 15. Bice and Fisher's marriage certificate was granted Thursday in Shelby County, Ala. "It was a small, intimate wedding," Bice's publicist, Roger Widynowski, tells PEOPLE. Fisher, 24, met Bice, 29, before he stole the spotlight on FOX's talent hunt – when he worked as a guitar store clerk and frequented the Ragtime Cafe in Hoover, Ala., where she waited tables. Bice finished in second place on this season's Idol, behind Oklahoma native Carrie Underwood. But being a runner-up hasn't hurt Bice's career: He signed a record deal with RCA less than 24 hours after the Idol finale and his single of the show's original song "Inside Your Heaven," has topped the charts. Bice, known for his down-to-earth-rocker style, tattooed a bird on his wrist to commemorate his finale performance with longtime idols Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose "Freebird" he sang earlier in the season. "It was such an incredible experience," he says. [AOL]

I guess they think their presence is enough

Servers weigh in on celebrity tipping... Bitter Waitress

I'm sure there are much prettier places in Greece

I hope he tells her she's not a Princess Paris begs Prince William for St Paul's marriage Paris Hilton has begged Prince William to let her get married at St Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey in London. The sexy socialite is desperate to walk down the aisle with fiancé Paris Latsis at one of the historic landmarks - but she was devastated to learn that only members of the British establishment can wed there.So Paris has written to Prince William asking him to help make her dream come true. The bride-to-be revealed: "I've got my heart set on a ceremony at St Paul's or Westminster but I've had to write to the prince to ask for a dispensation as I don't qualify."However, if William can't fix it for the blonde babe to marry in either place, she will tie the knot at the Windsor register office where his father, Prince Charles, married Camilla Parker Bowles earlier this year. She is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I really want to get married at Christmas, as I'd love to have snow and log fires, so Windsor is a cool back-up. Prince Charles got married there so it's good enough for me."The couple's winter wedding will feature carol singers and roasted chestnuts, while the bride wants to arrive in a traditional horse and carriage. Paris, who is heiress to the billion-dollar Hilton hotel chain, recently confessed she was ready to settle down and start a family with her boyfriend. The reality TV star - who also confessed to demanding Paris remove the "Z" tattooed on his wrist from a previous relationship - said: "Paris loves me for me. He's honest and loyal. I want to get married, start a family and be happy". [Teen Today]

Insert puke joke here

Justin Timberlake pukes in swanky restaurant Justin Timberlake horrified fellow diners in a swanky Los Angeles restaurant - when he vomited on the floor, it has been claimed. The heartthrob singer was out with friends at posh diner Chi when he reportedly fell ill and couldn't make it to the bathroom in time.Staff at the eaterie were reportedly overhead joking whether they could sell the star's vomit on internet auction site eBay. A source told America's Star magazine: "He really overdid it. He partied until he puked, right there at the bar. "The staff were in the back asking how much they thought they could get for it on eBay."Meanwhile, Justin has been added to the star-studded list of performers at this weekend's Live 8 charity concert in Philadelphia. The singer leads a glittering line-up which will include P Diddy and Stevie Wonder. A source said: "It's a real coup to have got such a big star. He'll be fantastic. He's been a supporter of the campaign for some time and really wanted to show how committed he was to the whole movement." [Teen Today]


Red Bull and Vodkas and coke should give her a heart attack before 30... Potty heiress insists on flushing out the ladies lavs IS Paris Hilton loos-ing the plot? We only ask because she has been going to extraordinary lengths to make sure that she is treated like a queen in the, erm, throne room. The 24-year-old hotel heiress spent Monday night boozing it up at swish West End club Kabaret's Prophecy. But whenever she went to powder her nose she insisted that the little girls' room was cleared of other revellers first. One clubber tells us: "Paris was putting away the vodka and Red Bulls and seemed to be having a really good time. But whenever she needed the loo, security were dispatched to clear the ladies for her arrival. "Then she and her friends would go in together while her flunkies guarded the door." It's not the first time that The Simple Life star has had a few toilet troubles. At last month's Cannes Film Festival, Paris went on a marathon booze-up and got so sozzled she ended up in the gents at the exclusive Hotel Du Cap. Then when she finally made it to the ladies, she surprised those already in there by lifting up her dress and moaning about being soaked in vodka and tequila. Fortunately, her potty behaviour has not put off her minted fiance. Paris Kasidokostas, 27, arrived at the club sporting a tasteful T-shirt emblazoned with a raunchy picture of his intended. The couple stayed until 4.15am - although it wasn't all hearts and flowers between them. Our spy tells us: "Towards the end of the night it looked as if she and her fiance were having a heated discussion - arms were flailing everywhere and Paris stormed off. But they soon kissed and made up and by the time they left they were all lovey-dovey again." [Mirror]

So, wait..

He can go on tour and party it up with the Backdoor Boys, but then its time to cut the shenanigans. LOS ANGELES (AP) — The show will go on for Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, despite a drunken driving conviction that requires him to complete a three-month alcohol treatment program. Carter will continue to tour with the pop quintet and likely will enter the program in the fall, after the tour has ended, his spokeswoman said Thursday. An Orange County Superior Court judge ordered Carter to take the treatment program after the 25-year-old singer pleaded guilty earlier this week to drunken driving. ``It absolutely does not affect the ... touring at all,'' said spokeswoman Juliette Harris. Carter was pulled over March 5 in downtown Huntington Beach. He was charged with one count of driving under the influence and one count of driving with a blood alcohol level above 0.08, the legal limit. Under the terms of his plea, Carter was required to pay $1,200 in fines. The judge also placed him on three years' informal probation and restricted his driving privileges for 90 days. The Backstreet Boys, whose hits include ``I Want it That Way,'' ``Shape of My Heart'' and ``Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,'' recently reunited after four years. Carter, the youngest of the group, released a solo album in 2002.

NO more celebrity babies!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Melissa Joan Hart, who starred in the TV series ``Sabrina the Teenage Witch,'' is reportedly expecting her first child. Hart, 29, is married to Mark Wilkerson, 28, lead singer and guitarist for the rock trio Course of Nature. Their baby is due in January, People magazine says in its July 11 edition. ``I'm thrilled to death,'' Paula Hart, the actress' mother, told People. ``Melissa is feeling great. So far, so good.'' Hart and Wilkerson were married in July 2003. Best known for her role as Sabrina on the WB sitcom, Hart also played the spunky namesake of Nickelodeon's ``Clarissa Explains it All.'' Hart stars in the upcoming film ``Jack Satin.''

It's so scandalous!

She will be sued ten ways to Sunday but Bill Maher's girlfriend has balls... Hip-hop and Hollywood playas are ducking for cover now that everyone's favorite fly girl is telling all. After intensive vetting by lawyers, HarperCollins has gone to press with Karrine Steffans' ``Confessions of a Video Vixen.'' Widely known as ``Superhead'' (no doubt because of her large cranium), Steffans doesn't hold back when it comes to dishing about her famous lovers. The video-eye-candy-turned-author claims: -- Shaquille O'Neal ``was charmingly self-effacing about his sexual prowess and wanted to reduce my expectations,'' she writes. But ``compared to other men,'' she assures readers, ``he was nothing to complain about.'' She says that Shaq was so impressed with Steffans that, the day after meeting her, he deposited $10,000 into her bank account. -- A small part in ``A Man Apart'' allowed Steffans to discover that star Vin Diesel was ``a beautiful man ... blessed with an enviable eight-pack and an even more enviable (bleep).'' -- After hearing so much about Fred Durst's stature, she gushed, ``to actually hold him ... felt like a privilege.'' -- Sex with ``insatiable'' producer Irv Gotti ``became more like a boxing match.'' During their affair, Steffans claims, Gotti lent her to his friends as he saw fit. -- After inviting her to his home at 4 a.m., Sean (P. Diddy) Combs kicked his manservant Fonzworth Bentley out of a guest bedroom so he and Steffans could spend 15 minutes making love. ``You're one of the best,'' she says P. Diddy told her. Steffans writes: ``I said the same to him, when, in actuality, he was average.'' Ouch. -- Steffans says she got around to Whitney Houston's husband, Bobby Brown, in late 2002. Steffans says she never saw him do drugs. But she worried for his mental health during a frantic encounter where ``he told me he was a member of al-Qaida and that President Bush was looking for him.'' -- She made Ja Rule promise to ``always come back.'' But after he slipped out one morning before she woke up, ``I looked around for something to take with me, something that would smell like him but wouldn't be missed. On the floor I found a balled-up sock, and I placed it to my face and got the fix I was searching for.'' Sniff. -- Steffans also tells the whole story of her back-of-the-limo tryst with Usher. None of the stars' reps we called yesterday responded by deadline. Their handlers can at least take comfort in knowing that after years of self-destructive star-chasing, Steffans now says, ``I am my own woman and look for no one to complete me.'' Photo from Dennica's Place, Story NY Daily News

Affleck, Garner Wed, Expecting Baby

Like we didn't know already... Affleck, Garner Wed, Expecting Baby NEW YORK (AP) — After months of speculation, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have tied the knot — and she's pregnant. Representatives for both actors confirmed the marriage to The Associated Press on Thursday. Their publicists, Ken Sunshine and Nicole King, also confirmed that Garner is pregnant with her first child. Sunshine and King would not give any other details. The confirmation came after Us Weekly reported that Affleck, 32, and Garner, 33, were wed Wednesday at the Parrot Cay resort in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. The National Enquirer also released photos it claimed showed Garner arriving on the islands with her ``Alias'' co-star Victor Garber. In stark contrast to Affleck's much publicized relationship with Jennifer Lopez, he and Garner have been tightlipped about their romance. Aside from appearing at a Boston Red Sox game last fall, they have stayed out of the public eye. Reports in April about an engagement were never confirmed. In May, E! News reported that Garner was pregnant and the baby was due in November, but neither star confirmed that report. This is first marriage for Affleck and the second for Garner, who divorced actor Scott Foley in March 2004 after 3 1/2 years of marriage. Affleck and Lopez called off their September 2003 wedding and broke off their engagement in January 2004. Lopez married singer Marc Anthony later that year. Affleck co-starred with Garner in 2003's ``Daredevil,'' her first big movie role, but they didn't begin dating until last year. ``He's really a gentleman,'' Garner told AP Radio after they shot the action thriller. ``And he's not afraid to laugh at himself or you. And I knew, I just had an instinct that he would take care of me in my first step out there, and he did.'' Said Affleck of Garner: ``I don't think she thinks that she is as drop-dead gorgeous as she is, and I think that is what gives her this incredibly appealing quality.'' Garner has been filming the drama ``Catch and Release'' in Vancouver, Canada. Affleck will star as George Reeves, television's Superman, in the upcoming movie ``Truth, Justice, and the American Way.''

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lord of the Ring

My boyfriend came up with the title :) I hope she drops in a toilet that she is snorting coke off.

Tom doesn't like sex

Outside of a relationship... Tom Cruise has confessed he doesn't like sex outside a relationship because he finds it "confusing". But the Hollywood heavyweight has hinted he and his fiancée, actress Katie Holmes, have a steamy love life, claiming they have great chemistry. Cruise also revealed he is desperate to have children with Katie - who he believes is "the one". He is quoted by German newspaper Bild as saying: "Sex is great, if you are in a relationship. Otherwise, I find sex actually not so interesting. Without a relationship it is confusing". [Female First] What it should really say: Tom Cruise has confessed he doesn't like sex with women because he finds it "confusing". But the Hollywood homosexual has hinted he and his publicity stunt, actress Katie Holmes, have a never made love, claiming they both like boys. Cruise also revealed he is desperate to adopt children with Katie - who he believes is "the one he paid $5 million". He is quoted by German newspaper Bild as saying: "Sex is great, if you are in a relationship. Otherwise, I find sex actually not so interesting. Without another penis it is confusing".

Jonathan Lipnicki... Lipinksi... Lipnickeri

Whatever, the fact spitting, glasses wearing, cute little kid from Jerry Maguire... ... Is all grown up He still has that cute dimple under his eye pic from CAFB

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The headline just kills me

If he wasn't speaking at a military base, he was in my state today and I would have protested Bush declares Iraq worth American sacrifices By JENNIFER LOVEN Associated Press Writer FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) - President Bush on Tuesday rejected suggestions that he set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq or send in more troops, counseling patience for Americans who question the war's painful costs. "Is the sacrifice worth it? It is worth it and it is vital to the security of our country," Bush told a nation increasingly doubtful about the toll of the 27-month-old war. Bush spoke in an evening address for a half-hour from an Army base that has 9,300 troops in Iraq, hoping to convince the public that his strategy for victory needs only time - not any changes - to be successful. He offered no shift in course. "We have a clear path forward," he said. "As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down." The audience of 750 soldiers and airmen in dress uniform listened mostly quietly _ as they were asked to do to reflect the somber nature of the speech _ only breaking into applause when Bush vowed that the United States "will stay in the fight until the fight is won." Bush said he understands the public concerns about a war that has killed over 1,740 Americans and 12,000 Iraqi civilians and cost $200 billion. "Like most Americans, I see the images of violence and bloodshed," he said. "Every picture is horrifying and the suffering is real." It was a tricky balancing act, believed necessary by White House advisers who have seen dozens of deadly insurgent attacks each day eat into Americans' support for the war _ and for the president _ and increase discomfort among even Republicans on Capitol Hill. Democrats and other critics said the country needed to hear more specifics about how to reach success in Iraq. "The president's Iraq policy is adrift, disconnected from the reality on the ground and in need of major midcourse corrections," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "Staying the course, as the president advocates, is neither sustainable nor likely to lead to the success we all seek." Recalling the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks a half-dozen times and suggesting a link with the Iraq war, Bush said the United States faces an enemy that has made Iraq the central front in the war on terror. Fighters have been captured from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and other nations, Bush said. He described the insurgents in raw terms, calling them "ruthless killers" who commit "savage acts of violence." Bush's repeated acknowledgment of the likely deaths and difficulties to come was less than a month after Vice President Dick Cheney proclaimed the Iraq insurgency "in the last throes." Still, the president's overriding message was to proclaim progress and predict victory. Despite their violent campaign, the terrorists, he said, are no "closer to achieving their strategic objectives." And, he said: "The American people do not falter under threat, and we will not allow our future to be determined by car bombers and assassins." Bush has faced calls for a withdrawal of the 135,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, on the one hand, or, on the other, an increase in forces to intensify the battle against the enemy. But he said a timetable would be "a serious mistake" that could demoralize Iraqis and American troops and embolden the enemy. "America will not leave before the job is done," he said. He also said sending more troops would undermine the U.S. strategy of training Iraqis to be able to as quickly as possible take over the security of their country. "Sending more Americans would suggest that we intend to stay forever," he said. Marking the first anniversary of the transfer of power from the U.S.-led coalition to Iraq's interim government, Bush cited advances in the past year. These included elections in January that drew 8 million men and women voters; improvements to roads, schools, health clinics and basic services like sanitation, electricity and water; and gains in the number and quality of Iraqi security forces who "are proving their courage every day." He announced new steps the military is taking to prepare Iraqis to take over the anti-insurgency battle: conducting operations together with Iraqi units, embedding U.S. transition teams inside Iraqi units and intensive management training inside the Iraqi Defense and Interior ministries. The president also noted that more countries had stepped forward with assistance and that the United Nations is helping Iraqis write a constitution and conduct their next elections. Iraq faces the next milestone in its rocky transition to democracy on Aug. 15, the deadline to produce a draft of a new constitution. "Our progress has been uneven _ but progress is being made," Bush said. A recent Associated Press/Ipsos poll found a majority of Americans now think the war was a mistake. Public patience is even being tested here in military friendly North Carolina. In the past year, 100 troops from North Carolina's bases have died in the war, trailing only the toll from California, according to an Associated Press analysis. A statewide poll released Tuesday showed that for the first time more North Carolinians think the war is not worthwhile than think it is. Earlier Tuesday, a suicide car bomb attack that killed an influential Shiite member of parliament provided a reminder of the difficulties. Before his speech, Bush spent nearly three hours privately consoling the loved ones of 33 fallen soldiers. The widow of one of the men, Crystal Owen, gave him a bracelet engraved with the names of her husband and another soldier killed with him on Oct. 15, 2004. Bush wore the bracelet during his speech. In his remarks, Bush sought to bolster troop morale by asking Americans to mark the July 4 holiday by flying the flag, writing letters to soldiers, or helping a military family with someone deployed. "The American people are behind you," the president said. He also made a direct appeal for more people to join the armed forces, saying "there is no higher calling" than a military career. From AP Wire

I need one for Molly...

Actress Tori Spelling and rapper Missy Elliott have purchased clothing for their dogs emblazoned with words of hatred aimed at Paris Hilton's beloved pooch Tinkerbell. While the hotel heiress is known for dressing her prized pet in little T-shirts and various other fashion items, Spelling and Elliott and have also joined the trend -- at Tinkerbell's expense. Both stars have purchased T-shirts for their dogs reading, "I hate Tinkerbell, that bitch has everything." Spelling has taken things a step further, by purchasing a tank top for herself which reads, "My dog can beat up Paris Hilton's dog." [SFGate] Pics from Just Jared

Party guests told not to talk to Elton

Can we say DIVA? Elton John’s party guests were stunned when they were told that they were not to speak to the Rocket Man unless spoken to. While stars often stipulate that co-workers on movie sets or the staff of shows where they’re being interviewed are not allowed to look at or speak to them, the request from the increasingly prickly pianist to fellow partiers struck many as bizarre. “Elton is obviously a star but this is bordering on paranoia,” a source told the Daily Mirror of London. “He is acting like old-fashioned royalty, or some tinpot dictator.” The musician, who made headlines when he clashed with Madonna, George Michael, and paparazzi, hosted the annual White Tie and Tiara party at his Windsor mansion in England. “I was staggered when I was told not to approach Elton,” one guest was quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph of Australia. “To be honest it is absurd. I have been to the White Tie party in previous years and all the guests mingled very informally.” [MSNBC]

Ok, First of all Paula Abdul is lobbying...

Second of all, for salon hygiene? Couldn't she use her star power to speak on something more important? Whatever ... Abdul lobbies for salon hygiene SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul urged California legislators to force nail salons to clean up their act, testifying Monday about her yearlong health ordeal after an unsanitary manicure. Abdul said a trip in April 2004 to a Studio City nail shop that used unclean equipment sent her in and out of the hospital, and made her the butt of late-night talk show jokes. "Being a professional dancer, I'm no stranger to pain, but this time the pain was so excruciating that even my hair touching my thumb caused me to scream," Abdul told the California Senate Business and Professions Committee in Sacramento. The legislation, sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Leland Yee, would establish safety standards for manicure and pedicure equipment and rewrite state regulations mandating that nail shops follow sanitary practices. Customers are vulnerable to bacterial infections if manicurists do not properly sanitize their tools between jobs. The bill was expected to pass in committee. If that occurs, it would likely come before the full Senate sometime in the next two weeks. "I was publicly humiliated," Abdul said in her closing statement. "That is why with an open heart and a selfless agenda, I implore you to pass this bill." [CNN]

Picture post

And they say celebrities don't like paparazzi ... HOT Pregnant or not? Avril's engaged! See the rock? And yes that is the guy from Sum41 Hopefully he can keep up with her raging alcoholism Pics from Dana's Dirt and Yeeeah!

Juggalo love :)

From special guest blogger Joe, Twiztid's new album Man's Myth is released today June 28, 2005. IT is packed full with fresh tracks, a dvd of the gathering 2004 footage, an exclusive no paint interview with twiztid themselves, AND the instrumental version of the new album ... It is a lot for the mind to absorb in one day but it is the first part of their double release ... Mutant will be released on July 26 ... thats all for now ... Get it at Amazon

Monday, June 27, 2005

The latest round pf crap from MTV

And yet, I will probably watch all of them... The unceasing development mill at MTV is churning out a number of new pilots, including projects starring ``That `70s Show's'' Wilmer Valderrama and R&B singer/actor Omarion. The list of projects in development also includes a show about a Queens barbershop that serves as a breeding ground for hip-hop talent, a ``Real World''-ish series about a group of models living together in Miami, a revenge-based series from ``Jackass'' regular Ryan Dunn and a show that follows former O-Town singer Ashley Angel. ``This development slate reflects our commitment to eclectic talent both in front of and behind the camera,'' says Brian Graden, president of entertainment at MTV Networks. ``We're exploring ideas that are natural extensions of the MTV personality and that push creative boundaries.'' Valderrama created and will host a comedy show called ``Yo Momma,'' which will feature trash-talking comics busting on each other and vying for a cash prize. Omarion's self-titled series will follow the ``You Got Served'' star as he tries to move into the business world by setting up his own record label and clothing line. At the other end of the spectrum is Angel, who's come on some hard times after O-Town fell off the music radar. The show ``There and Back'' will chronicle his attempts at a comeback. Other shows in the works at MTV include a contest in which people live in a party house with rappers the Ying Yang Twins, with the winner getting the house; and a show that features MTV News guy Gideon Yago helping young people deal with a crisis. [Zap2it] Honestly, what does Gideon Yago know about teens in crisis?

Guide to the Jessicas

( By Barry Koltnow The Orange County Register ) I have devised a ``Guide to the Jessicas'' that may help get you through the summer movie season without banging your head against the wall in frustration. Here are the Jessicas as you've never known them, or perhaps you thought you knew them, only it turns out that you were thinking of one of the other Jessicas. JESSICA SIMPSON, 24, is a Texas native and singer-turned actress who married Nick Lachey from the boy group 98 Degrees. They were thrust into the white-hot celebrity spotlight not for their singing careers, but for a cable TV show called ``Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica.'' Nick's George Burns-like patience and Jessica's Gracie Allen-like dimwit act was infectious, and the couple became instant first-name celebrities. Nick's first-name status is not really a problem since Nicolas Cage (he goes by ``Nic'') is getting a little old for this silliness and pretty much keeps to himself. JESSICA BIEL, 23, hails from Minnesota and got her start on the television show ``7th Heaven.'' She made a name for herself (but not a first name) about 20 minutes into the movie ``Summer Catch,'' when she climbed out of a swimming pool and into the hearts of millions of men. She hasn't been much of a tabloid target, but her beauty and body of work (''The Rules of Attraction,'' ``Blade: Trinity'') has brought her enough notice that she has become one of the first-name Jessicas. JESSICA ALBA, 24, is a California girl who also made her reputation on a television show (''Dark Angel''). She became a ``Jessica'' with a slow-motion striptease in the hip film ``Sin City.'' There is nothing like slow-motion to hasten the rise from full-name celebrity to first-name-only celebrity. [OC Register]

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sir Jacko anyone?

Jackson was refused a knighthood Michael Jackson reportedly pestered the Queen to make him a knight, but to no avail. The Bad star's former PR man, Bob Jones, has spoken out about Jackson's ambition after he told him to beat it following 34 years of service. The Sun quotes Jones as saying: "We spent a fortune trying to communicate with the Queen's people to try to get them to make him a knight. But they were not interested." Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney are amongst the music industry's legends to be knighted. According to Jones it was never clear why Jackson thought he deserved the honour. Jones is currently writing a book about his time in employment for the star. [Digital Spy]

I'll be there on re-opening night

'Outsiders' in for re-release, DVD Coppola classic headed for theaters this fall Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe starred in 1983's 'The Outsiders,' which is heading back to theaters before bowing on DVD. Warner Home Video's DVD edition of "The Outsiders" will get a limited theatrical run prior to its Sept. 20 release. Director Francis Ford Coppola has added 22 minutes of footage and a rock soundtrack to the 1983 drama and has rounded up most of the Brat Pack-plus cast for bonus features. The two-disc edition of "The Outsiders: The Complete Novel," featuring a new beginning and ending, will be preceded by a 10-city theatrical screening of the film starting Sept. 9, including showings in New York and L.A. Pic now runs 114 minutes. Coppola says that the movie, based on the S.E. Hinton book, was rushed to distribution and did not include important parts of the story familiar to many junior high school students whose reading of the book was often their first experience with literature. The filmmaker has "reconceived the score" based on what the characters would be listening to and added songs to the soundtrack from Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins, among others. He said he had hoped to have an all-Elvis Presley score but it wasn't possible. Among cast members participating in the audio commentary with Coppola, who also recorded an introduction to the movie, are C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Ralph Macchio, Rob Lowe, and Patrick Swayze. The DVD also features three new documentaries, three featurettes and other additional and deleted scenes. [Variety]

So much for the innocent girl

Then: Now: Church and ex in early hours bust up 2.17PM, Fri Jun 24 2005 Police were called to break up an early morning row between singer Charlotte Church and former boyfriend Kyle Johnson. Officers visited the flat belonging to the teenage star after receiving reports of a disturbance in the early hours of Thursday morning. Neither the 19-year-old millionairess, who has a luxury flat in the Canton district of Cardiff, nor her former lover were arrested, but both were advised to calm down. According to reports, Johnson was heard to shout "I love you" several times after he appeared outside her flat. The confrontation apparently happened as the singer returned in the early hours of the morning with friends after a night out in Cardiff. Church's split from Johnson in January became acrimonious after he sold his story to a national tabloid newspaper and later received a punch in the face from the singer for his trouble. She has since begun a high profile romance with Wales and British Lions rugby ace Gavin Henson and recently admitted that her mother's criticisms of previous boyfriends had been correct. A South Wales Police spokesman confirmed they were called to an early hours "disturbance" in the Canton neighbourhood. He said: "We were called to a disturbance in Clos Dewi Sant in Cardiff at 3.30 yesterday morning but no arrests were made." [ITV] And... Ten vodkas a night for Charlotte Church Charlotte Church has spoken about her love of drinking, revealing that the average night out can entail ten vodkas. She described her partying habits to Heat magazine, saying: “I can sink ‘em! If I’m home, I’ll start with a Cheeky Vimto – double port and a bottle of WKD Blue in the same glass. It tastes just like Vimto or Ribena. They’re lethal. “Once I’m out, I’ll have about 10 double vodkas. Then I’m pretty much KO’ed. But if I’m in London, the club owners give me loads of bottles of free champagne. I hate champagne. I still drink it though.” However, despite such enthusiasm to drink, Church insists that she does not actually like alcohol. She explained: “I don’t actually like alcohol. If I’m having a meal I’ll have a lemonade. The only time I drink is to get p***ed and dance like a crazy woman.” [Digital Spy]

50 Worst haircuts!

Donald Trump was number 1, shocker! Sorry to ruin the surprise, the rest are great too! Click here

Friday, June 24, 2005

Cheney in hospital

What if Condy becomes VP? Or Karl Rove, GOD! Vice President Dick Cheney was taken to the cardiac unit of the Vail Valley Medical Center Friday. Contrary to Associated Press reports that he went to see orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Steadman, at the Steadman Hawkins clinic for a knee injury, Vice President Cheney passed through the Steadman Hawkins clinic and the Colorado Mountain Medical Center to get to the cardiac unit to see Dr. Jack Eck and his team. The Vice President checked into the hospital under the name of Dr. Hoffman. HuffPo exclusive

Who's got a bump?

Paris! Unless the Greek style dress is unflattering, I would say her flat tummy is not so flat... Slideshow here

Katie's resume

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Knight allegedly gloated over rapper's death

Knight allegedly gloated over rapper's death, ex-detective testifies LOS ANGELES — Death Row Records boss Marion ``Suge'' Knight confessed he set up the murder of Notorious B.I.G. from his jail cell and ridiculed the way the rapper slumped over when he was struck by gunfire, a prison informant told police. Testifying Friday in a wrongful-death suit filed by B.I.G.'s family, retired Detective Fred Miller recounted the ``shocking'' story he heard from informant Mario Ha'mmond, who allegedly heard it from Knight's lips. According to Ha'mmond, Knight gloated about B.I.G.'s demise. ``That fat b---- took it like a b---- ... he rolled over on his a--,'' Knight allegedly told Ha'mmond when both were in a prison several months after the March 9, 1997, murder. The informant alleged Knight told him he ``orchestrated the murder while incarcerated at the L.A. County Jail'' using two trusted henchmen and a network of cell phones on the outside. Ha'mmond said Knight told him Death Row security honchos ``Big Sikes (Devon Sikes) and Reg (Reggie Wright Jr.) put the team together,'' according to Miller. Knight could not be reached for comment Friday. Linking B.I.G.'s murder to Knight alone will not help the slain rapper's family win their federal suit against the City of Los Angeles. To prevail, they must also tie the murder to crooked Los Angeles Police Department officer David Mack, who was later ousted from the force. [New York Daily News]

Hung for the summer?

Haven't we had enough already? William Hung Teams Up With Billy Ray Cyrus NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/24/05 -- The magical William Hung returns this summer with ``Miracle: Happy Summer From William Hung,'' a collection of classic American summer songs sung from the heart. The first single will be ``Achy Breaky Heart,'' the smash hit made famous by musician/actor Billy Ray Cyrus. Cyrus will appear in the tongue-in-cheek video which will be shot shortly. William's rendition is already being serviced to various radio formats with an emphasis on country radio. William's quirky personality and lovable demeanor captured the hearts of music fans nationwide as the most memorable, rejected talent show contestant in American history. William has since become a household name through a variety of ventures in music, video and commercial endorsement deals with high-profile companies such as Cingular Wireless and AskJeeves. ``Miracle: Happy Summer From William Hung'' features his unique take on summer-themed songs as well as some of William's personal favorites including ``Tie A Yellow Ribbon,'' and ``I Love L.A.'' The set also includes brand new inspirational sayings, or ``Moments,'' from William as those on his debut CD were so cherished by his fans. So, put on the swim trunks, lather up with the lotion and get Hung in the sun this summer with America's most unlikely star! Track List: 1. Miracle Moment 2. It's A Miracle 3. Because of You 4. Tie A Yellow Ribbon 5. Achy Breaky Heart 6. I Love L.A. 7. Summer Moment 8. Surfin' USA 9. Dance Dance 10. Just Do It 11. Ocean Deep 12. Right Here Waiting 13. Healing Hands 14. I Left My Heart In San Francisco 15. Final Moment 16. Take Me Out To The Ball Game -- Koch Records

Tom Cruise on Today Show

The Drudge Report (I know, I know) posted a transcript of the ridiculous interview between Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer (who by the way has been reported crashing on his buddies, Donnie Duetche's couch for weeks now)... MATT LAUER: You're-- you're-- it's very impressive to listen to you. Because clearly, you've done the homework. And-- and you know the subject. TOM CRUISE: And you should. MATT LAUER: And-- and-- TOM CRUISE: And you should do that also. MATT LAUER: And-- TOM CRUISE: Because just knowing people who are on Ritalin isn't enough. //you should be a little bit more responsible in knowing really-- MATT LAUER: I'm not prescribing Ritalin, Tom. And I'm not asking-- TOM CRUISE: Well-- MATT LAUER: --anyone else to do it. I'm simply saying-- (OVERTALK) TOM CRUISE: Well, you are. You're saying-- MATT LAUER: I know some people who seem to have been helped by it. TOM CRUISE: I-- but you're saying-- but you-- like-- this is a very important issue. MATT LAUER: I couldn't agree more. To read the whole thing click here

This is a couple if days old...

Paris store apologises to Oprah Luxury French boutique Hermes has apologised to talk show host Oprah Winfrey after refusing her entry to one of their outlets in Paris. A friend of Winfrey, who witnessed the incident, said it was "one of the most humiliating moments of her life". Hermes said a private PR event was being prepared so it was unable to accommodate the star at the time. A spokeswoman for the star's production company called it her "Crash" moment, referring to a race relations film. Winfrey, 51, who was recently named the most powerful celebrity in the world by business magazine Forbes, has said she is preparing to talk about the incident on her US show. The hugely successful TV star unsuccessfully tried to access the store after closing time, although shops are known to make special provisions for celebrities. 'Misunderstanding' "People were in the store and they were shopping. Oprah was at the door and she was not allowed into the store," Winfrey's friend Gayle King told US show Entertainment Tonight. A statement released by Hermes said: "Hermes regrets not having been able to welcome Oprah Winfrey and the people accompanying her to give them all the attention and service that Hermes is committed to giving each of its clients in the world. "Hermes expresses its sincere regrets for any misunderstanding that these circumstances could have caused," it added. Winfrey's friend Ms King said the TV presenter has no intention of shopping at Hermes again. "Her position is 'I will shop where people appreciate my business, and I don't believe that any longer includes Hermes'," she added. Winfrey's show attracts about 30 million viewers each week, and is believed to have generated $225m (£123.6m) in revenues during the past year. [bbc]

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wow, Tonya.

This is some funny shit

Giant Popsicle melts, floods New York park; was intended as advertising stunt

NEW YORK (AP) - An attempt to erect the world's largest Popsicle in a city square ended with a scene straight out of a disaster film _ but much stickier.

The 25-foot-tall (7.6-meter), 17 1/2-ton treat of frozen Snapple juice melted faster than expected Tuesday, flooding Union Square in downtown Manhattan with kiwi-strawberry-flavored fluid that sent pedestrians scurrying for higher ground.

Firefighters closed off several streets and used hoses to wash away the sugary goo.

Snapple had been trying to promote a new line of frozen treats by setting a record for the world's largest Popsicle, but called off the stunt before the it was pulled fully upright by a construction crane. Authorities said they were worried the thing would collapse in the 80-degree (26.7 Celsius), first-day-of-summer heat.

"What was unsettling was that the fluid just kept coming," Stuart Claxton of the Guinness Book of World Records told the Daily News. "It was quite a lot of fluid. On a hot day like this, you have to move fast."

Snapple official Lauren Radcliffe said the company was unlikely to make a second attempt to break the record, set by a 21-foot (6.4 meters) pop in Holland in 1997.

The giant pop was supposed to have been able to withstand the heat for some time, and organizers weren't sure why it didn't. It had been made in Edison, New Jersey, and hauled to New York by freezer truck in the morning.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hope he loves this bar

The 12,000 square foot Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill," is seen, Tuesday, June 21, 2005 and is set to open in Oklahoma City, Wednesday.

Lohan puts coke mirror in b-day goodie bag

The Birthday Girl and her guests were treated to goodie bags which included a specially designed pocket mirror courtesy of My Favorite Mirror. The pocket mirror, illustrated by Susie Ghahremani of and manufactured by Kellee Milner of featured a whimsical painting of the guest of honor, which was created exclusively for this event.

Add another one to the list

Missy Elliott has admitted trying drugs on a recent trip to Jamaica. The rap star stunned journalists when she told a press conference she was high. She said: "Sorry if I sound kind of weird, but I just had a Jamaican brownie - some of you might know what I'm talking about." And the 33-year-old confessed it was a turnaround from the anti-drug stance she had as a teenager. She added: "All my life I never took drugs. When I was 15, I would never have said 'yes' to trying marijuana. Never say never!" [BANG]

Panty Raid!

(BANG) Pamela Anderson has installed a new security system at her home after a female intruder broke in and rifled through her underwear. The woman, who reportedly didn't steal anything, left a note saying: "I'm not a lesbian, I just want to touch you." Pammy has taken the measures at her Malibu home to safeguard herself and her two children, Brandon and Dylan, from her marriage to Tommy Lee. She said: "This has been very unnerving. Who knows what is going on in this woman's mind?" It is thought the woman is an obsessive fan, but as yet, police have clues to her identity or whereabouts. Meanwhile, Anderson has revealed she will use a sperm donor to get pregnant again. She said: "I think I'd like to have another baby, I really enjoyed being pregnant. "I really love children and once you have two, you might as well have ten. I think I have to find a good sperm donor."

How cute is this?

Matthew's road trip with Penelope Angela Baldassarre Actor Matthew McConaughey is taking girlfriend Penelope Cruz on a road trip in his camper van. "I love my mobile home,” McConaughey says. “I can feel my independence. It's great having my own four walls instead of staying in hotels all the time." Cruz is familiar with five-star hotels and her ex Tom Cruise famously spent $800,000 on a trip for them to a private island in Fiji. However, Matthew thinks if they can survive this trip they can handle anything, including marriage. "Marriage? I don't know about that. Let's see how this vacation works out," the actor told British tabloid The Sun. McConaughey and Cruz have been dating since working together on the action film “Sahara.” Before romancing Spanish beauty Cruz, the actor was romantically involved with actresses Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock. He’ll be starring next in D.J. Caruso’s “2 for the Money” opposite Al Pacino. Cruz will be seen next in Martha Fiennes’ “Chromophobia” with Ben Chaplin and Ralph Fiennes. [MSN]

Smashing Pumpkins may reunite

Corgan wants to reunite Smashing Pumpkins CHICAGO (AP) — On the same day Billy Corgan released his first solo album, he revealed that he wants to reunite his band, The Smashing Pumpkins. ``For a year now I have walked around with a secret, a secret I chose to keep,'' Corgan wrote in a full-page advertisement published Tuesday in Chicago newspapers. ``But now I want you to be among the first to know that I have made plans to renew and revive The Smashing Pumpkins. I want my band back, and my songs, and my dreams,'' he wrote. The Smashing Pumpkins, a leader in the early 1990s alternative rock revolution, broke up in 2000 after winning two Grammys and selling millions of albums during 13 strife-ridden years. Corgan's subsequent project, Zwan, dissolved after only one album. Corgan, who lives in the Chicago area, did not reveal any details of a Pumpkins revival, including a possible timeline or what form a lineup might take. Band members included drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, guitarist James Iha and bassist D'Arcy Wretzky, who left after the final album's recording and was replaced by former Hole bassist Melissa auf der Maur on the subsequent tour. Corgan's solo debut, ``TheFutureEmbrace,'' was released Tuesday. Drummer Chamberlin — who also played in Zwan — is featured on the album, which takes an electronic turn.