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Monday, June 12, 2006

Zahara and Maddox hang out at their new house

Angelina Jolie has recorded a television message for World Refugee Day, said the United Nations refugee agency, quoted by The appeal was recorded by Jolie, goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in April in Namibia, before her daughter with Brad Pitt, Shiloh, was born on May 27. "I'm Angelina Jolie. For the millions of displaced persons around the world, please help keep their hope alive and remember World Refugee Day," the American actress, sporting a tank-top and light-brown headscarf, says in a brief message. The also notes that since joining UNHCR in early 2001, Jolie has traveled to some 20 countries, drawing attention to refugees' plight in hotspots from Cambodia to Kosovo and Sudan's Darfur region. [Moldova] Pics, Thanks to a reader for the tip!


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