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Friday, June 24, 2005

Knight allegedly gloated over rapper's death

Knight allegedly gloated over rapper's death, ex-detective testifies LOS ANGELES — Death Row Records boss Marion ``Suge'' Knight confessed he set up the murder of Notorious B.I.G. from his jail cell and ridiculed the way the rapper slumped over when he was struck by gunfire, a prison informant told police. Testifying Friday in a wrongful-death suit filed by B.I.G.'s family, retired Detective Fred Miller recounted the ``shocking'' story he heard from informant Mario Ha'mmond, who allegedly heard it from Knight's lips. According to Ha'mmond, Knight gloated about B.I.G.'s demise. ``That fat b---- took it like a b---- ... he rolled over on his a--,'' Knight allegedly told Ha'mmond when both were in a prison several months after the March 9, 1997, murder. The informant alleged Knight told him he ``orchestrated the murder while incarcerated at the L.A. County Jail'' using two trusted henchmen and a network of cell phones on the outside. Ha'mmond said Knight told him Death Row security honchos ``Big Sikes (Devon Sikes) and Reg (Reggie Wright Jr.) put the team together,'' according to Miller. Knight could not be reached for comment Friday. Linking B.I.G.'s murder to Knight alone will not help the slain rapper's family win their federal suit against the City of Los Angeles. To prevail, they must also tie the murder to crooked Los Angeles Police Department officer David Mack, who was later ousted from the force. [New York Daily News]


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