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Monday, June 27, 2005

The latest round pf crap from MTV

And yet, I will probably watch all of them... The unceasing development mill at MTV is churning out a number of new pilots, including projects starring ``That `70s Show's'' Wilmer Valderrama and R&B singer/actor Omarion. The list of projects in development also includes a show about a Queens barbershop that serves as a breeding ground for hip-hop talent, a ``Real World''-ish series about a group of models living together in Miami, a revenge-based series from ``Jackass'' regular Ryan Dunn and a show that follows former O-Town singer Ashley Angel. ``This development slate reflects our commitment to eclectic talent both in front of and behind the camera,'' says Brian Graden, president of entertainment at MTV Networks. ``We're exploring ideas that are natural extensions of the MTV personality and that push creative boundaries.'' Valderrama created and will host a comedy show called ``Yo Momma,'' which will feature trash-talking comics busting on each other and vying for a cash prize. Omarion's self-titled series will follow the ``You Got Served'' star as he tries to move into the business world by setting up his own record label and clothing line. At the other end of the spectrum is Angel, who's come on some hard times after O-Town fell off the music radar. The show ``There and Back'' will chronicle his attempts at a comeback. Other shows in the works at MTV include a contest in which people live in a party house with rappers the Ying Yang Twins, with the winner getting the house; and a show that features MTV News guy Gideon Yago helping young people deal with a crisis. [Zap2it] Honestly, what does Gideon Yago know about teens in crisis?


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