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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hit 500,000 unique visitors today!

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I want this shirt

Ashlee changes her hair again

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Sienna Miller or a little boy?

Paris and Nicole begin filming The Simple Life

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Victoria Beckham in Vanidad mag

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Victoria Beckham has reportedly sought out another way to expand BrandBeckham: she’s going to launch her own make-up range as part of a deal with Coty. Husband David Beckham has already created a best-selling aftershave with Coty and Victoria is looking to follow in his footsteps. The Daily Mirror is quoting a source as saying: “It’s universally acknowledged that Victoria knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and beauty and she’s done work with cosmetics brands in the Far East for years. “People are always asking her how she manages to look so good despite being manically busy, so it makes sense for her to design her own range.” “She’s getting involved in every stage. Coty bosses are already convinced the product will fly off the shelves and they’re impressed with her dedication.” [Fametastic]

The teenies promote Aquamarine for Extra

Ryan, Reese and kids grab some lunch

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Priscilla P. presents bedding line

BEING privy to the finest linens at Elvis Presley's Graceland is undoubtedly going to influence a girl. So it was no wonder Priscilla Presley -- in Australia to launch her linens range with design partner Bruno Schiavi -- yesterday declared her range "fit for the King". One of the world's most-famous widows hosted a catwalk show of her expensive collection of bed linens, cushions, towels and bath robes -- and there wasn't a leopard print or any blue suede in sight. The range is as impeccably put together as the woman herself, who, at 60, looks best when she breaks her carefully maintained porcelain veneer with a giggle, as opposed to her media-wary smile. Conceding her taste for luxury between the sheets stems from her Elvis days, she said that was her first introduction to finery and once she'd slept in fine linens, she couldn't go back. The collection is top-end, but according to Presley, provides the best means for a good night's sleep. Presley was in Sydney yesterday and will be in Melbourne today. [HeraldSun]

Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child visits a middle school

Celebs in New Orleans