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One day I will run a trashy tabloid. Until then, this will have to suffice.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cindy Crawford signs with new agency

CINDY CRAWFORD has called upon IMG to take all areas of her career into the next sphere. The 40-year-old mother-of-two wants the global company, which has employees in 30 countries and two divisions comprising Sports & Entertainment and IMG Media, to stir up the licensing prowess of her Cindy Crawford Home label and other business interests which include the Meaningful Beauty skincare line, signature fragrances with Cosmopolitan Cosmetics and an ongoing role as spokeswoman for Omega watches. Among the first models to recognise her potential to earn off the catwalk and capitalise on her fame, Crawford originally gave up studying chemical engineering at Northwestern University when she realised how lucrative modelling could be for her. One of the fashion world's most recognisable faces in the Nineties, she was named the highest paid model by Forbes in 1995 with an approximate annual earnings of £3.5 million . [Vogue]

Cameron at club Hyde

Courtney Cox takes a walk on the beach

Is K.Fed the leak?

Britney Spears has yet another reason to be miffed at her hubby. Kevin Federline shelled out $300,000 for a wristwatch without telling his wife first, according to Us Weekly. Perhaps it's no co-incidence that that's the exact amount the aspiring rap star reportedly was paid to record an album and tour in Japan. “All he does is work on his music and try to find ways to get out,” a source told the mag. “That is all he cares about. It has taken a big toll on their marriage because he's not always there for her and he used to be.” What's more, Spears suspects that K-Fed is responsible for some of the leaks to the tabloids about the couple's private lives. “Britney knows Kevin tells his friends information, knowing they will leak it to tabloids,” a source close to Spears told Us. She has taken to not telling her hubby certain things — including that she was going to announce her pregnancy on David Letterman — for fear the info would be leaked to his buddies. “They sell stories for money. ... She is sick of him using her for them to profit.” [MSNBC] Thanks to bombasticluva LJ for pics!

Mary Kate and Ashley out

Usher enjoys a frozen beverage

Avril and Deryck eat out

Avril on her style: "Nobody tells me what to wear. That would be bad and shallow," Avril Lavigne said. "Everyone wants you to look different for every picture. But I'm like, `That's not mine and I don't want to wear it.'"

Paris is ridiculous. Part 1 million

Paris Hilton sang, for lack of a better word, Rod Stewart's 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' on Sunday night at a Madonna concert afterparty at Tao in Las Vegas. The hotel heiress, who has an album coming out soon, danced on stage and flashed her backside giving the audience, which included her parents and sister Nicky, a view of her better half. Hilton has said her upcoming album will be a mix of reggae, pop and hip-hop, with the first single being a reggae song called, "Stars Are Blind." TMZ has the video

Mike Myers chants Mariska Hargitay as a mantra

Mike Myers is working up a deal with Paramount Pictures to co-write, produce, and star in a yet-to-be-titled comedy based on a character he recently tested in a series of stage shows. The character is called Pitka, and he’s a “new-age guru character [Myers] road-tested in New York-area theaters,” according to Variety. Part of the Pitka shtick, or the Pitka shticka if you will, reportedly involves Myers wearing a fake nose and beard, chanting a fake mantra (“Mariska Hargitay”), and wearing ass-less chaps. [NP]

Jenna Elfman has quite a mane

Jill Hennessy and son Marco in NYC

Joss Stone vacations in Barbados with British musician Lemar

A self-confessed taste for Cornish pasties makes her the curvy girl she is. Or rather was. As Joss Stone shows in this pink and green bikini, there is a little less to her these days. A generous midriff has given way to a taut "six-pack" while her arms seem to be much more toned. Sunbathing on a private yacht in Barbados is hardly the toughest of workouts. But it seems to have worked wonders for 19-year-old Miss Stone, who was accompanied by 28-year-old musician Lemar Obika. "Joss has been out in the Caribbean, working on new material for her new album," said a source close to the singer. "Although she has not been consciously dieting, she has been eating a lot more healthily than she does back in the UK. "She has been upping her intake of plantain, avocados and sweet potatoes, which are all popular in the West Indies - and has lost the weight without really trying." Miss Stone recently professed to an appetite for Cornish pasties. "I'm a pasty girl all the way. Forget once a week, I like to have one every day." [DailyMail]

Victoria Beckham is mother hen to footballer's wives

It seems Victoria Beckham is certainly a mother hen, for the First Lady of the English soccer team loves sharing her trade secrets on how to be a footballer's wife with other soccer dames. Posh reportedly took Theo Walcott's girlfriend Melanie Slade to one side at the pre-World Cup training camp in Portugal, and spent 15 minutes teaching her the four golden rules on handling soccer dame fame. She taught the 17 year-old how to dress and have fun, how to cope in the limelight and stop the glamour going to her head. Mel - who thrust into the spotlight since Theo was picked for the England squad - later admitted to pals that the 32 year old wife of Captain David Beckham was simply "fabulous". "Mel was on top of the world. She said Posh was amazingly kind. Posh gave her loads of advice - she really looked after Mel," The Sun quoted a pal, as saying. However, it's not the first time that Posh has played mother hen. Last year, she rescued Ashley Cole's fiancée Cheryl Tweedy when she committed the footy wife sin of looking scruffy at a match. [HST]