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Friday, June 09, 2006

Victoria B. has bunions the size of Kansas

Victoria Beckham is considering undergoing surgery on her feet to ‘fix’ bunions she has been carefully maintaining with a variety of four inch high heels. The stiletto queen is suffering from enormous bumps on the side of her feet that are currently making even walking difficult for the former Spice Girl. She is now considering having a bunionectomy, a procedure that chips away the bunions…nice. A source told the Daily Star: “Victoria is obsessed with shoes. She was horrified when her doctor told her she will have to stick to frumpie flatties unless she takes better care of her feet. “She has regular pedicures to keep them looking glam, but the bunions are all people look at. And she’s particularly sensitive about them after recent pictures of her drew attention to the problem. [Entertainmentwise] Pics via ONTD


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