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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pete doesn't like Kate's new boyfriend

Pete Doherty has told a fan that Kate Moss's new boyfriend Russell Brand is a poor replacement for himself. The Babyshambles frontman didn't hold back while chatting to a female admirer at a Barcelona bar. A source told the Daily Star, "Pete was messing around with six or seven pals when a female fan told Pete she thought he was far sexier than Moss's new man Russell. He started laughing and shrugged before calling Russell a "hairy t***" and saying he thought Brand was no replacement for him in Kate's life. "Pete also went on to say no-one could ever love Kate like he does and insisted no-one will ever have such a special relationship as him and Kate. He also hinted that they are still dating but that they are careful about it and make sure they aren't captured on camera together." [Digital Spy]


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