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Friday, June 09, 2006

Kate Moss always falls for addicts

Kate Moss' new boyfriend TV star Russell Brand has confessed he was so addicted to sex he paid prostitutes to satisfy hView the profile for Pete Doherty on Celebrity Spotlightis needs. The presenter admits he put himself at "considerable risk" at the height of his addiction. He said: "I've got myself in dangerous scenarios to impress and seduce women in brothels in Istanbul, lap-dancing clubs in Athens, bordellos in Havana and discos in Basildon." Brand, 30, who describes his behaviour as "compulsive and dangerous", discovered his sex addiction while he was in rehab to beat addictions to alcohol and heroin. The shocking news about Russell's sordid past has reportedly worried supermodel Kate, whView the profile for Kate Moss on Celebrity Spotlighto has just come out of a turbulent relationship with drug addict Pete Doherty. Rumours also suggest that the sex-mad funnyman is already looking for his next notch on the bedpost despite being spotted coming out of Kate's London home twice last week. He reportedly confessed to a reporter he was trying to bed: "Forget Kate, she's irrelevant. I prefer women with a bit of meat on them anyway." [LSe]


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