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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Angelina and Brad buy up Shiloh's web addresses

New mom Angelina Jolie has reserved 24 domain names featuring various versions of her daughter Shiloh Nouvel's name. According to a report by the Australian news website, internet registration files show the Web addresses "shilohjolie", "shilohpitt", "shilohjoliepitt", "shilohnouveljolie", "shilohnouvelpitt" and "shilohnouveljoliepitt" - with the extensions ".com", ".org", ".net" and ".info" - were reserved as of May 27, the baby's birthday. Jolie will have the control of the Web addresses, for one year. Jolie and Brad Pitt, appeared to have learned from the misfortunes of fellow stars Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, whose daughter's name, Suri, was co-opted by someone else who registered the URL "". The site features a countdown to Suri's 18th birthday and asks viewers to submit their drawings of what they think she will look like. [AHN]


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