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Monday, May 08, 2006

Nick talks to Access Hollywood, I feel like he is turning into Jen A.

On the next "Access Hollywood," Nick Lachey opens up to Nancy O'dell about getting over his estranged wife Jessica Simpson, his plans for marrying again and whether or not he has a new girlfriend. The interview airs on "Access Hollywood," Monday, May 8, 2006 and Tuesday, May 9, 2006. When talking about his feelings toward Simpson, Lachey said, "I don't think I could ever hate her. I think it was more of a hate of the situation. The hate of the feeling that, you know, it was more about me...I don't want to be this angry person. I don't want to be bitter about this." The pop singer also said, "I don't think I could say that I've completely let go, but I think it's a process that you have to go through in this." When asked about his outlook on marrying again in the future, Lachey told O'Dell, "For me, a phase was certainly going through that emotion (not wanting to marry) saying, I just can't imagine doing this again...But for me, I'm a romantic at heart...I don't want to be a 'serial marrier,' but at the same time, I just can't imagine not being married again." As for a new relationship, Lachey said, "No, I certainly do not (have a girlfriend). My girlie has been my work, which has been a real blessing through this." [TeenHollywood]


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