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Monday, May 08, 2006

L.Lo uses the word manifest

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Lindsay Lohan found herself in the hot seat on Monday's Today show, facing a grilling from interviewer Matt Lauer – who introduced the 19-year old actress by saying she's "known these days as much for her night life as she is for her day job." Lohan, who stars in the upcoming Just My Luck and A Prairie Home Companion, met his questions head on, though she did take issue when Lauer brought up a recent Vanity Fair cover story that suggested she had a problem with substance abuse. "Everything's fine," said Lohan waving off the remark. Yet concerning what Lauer called the general "package of publicity" that has surrounded her, Lohan said: "What you read about is what you read about, and the only people who really matter to me – their point of view in my life – is my family and the people who work closely with me who I trust and admire and will continue to have in my life." Regarding reports about her, she said, "There always are so many false accusations in those tabloids, and they manifest all these relationships and stories, yada yada. I just laugh it off." Stressing that she's "not complaining," Lohan did reply, when asked if she finds it difficult to be her: "It's not that it's harder for me, but I work harder than most of my friends' parents, I think. I'm the hardest working person I know." Still, she emphasized, she'd have it no other way "Hopefully," she said philosophically, "people will know me for my work – not my car accidents." [People]


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