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Monday, May 15, 2006

L.Lo on filming Just My Luck

While Lindsay Lohan's numerous dating rumors can't always be confirmed, the actress admits she was doing her share of smooching on the set of her latest movie, "Just My Luck." In the film, she plays Ashley Albright, literally the luckiest girl in the world, whose good fortune reverses when she kisses a mysterious stranger (Chris Pine) at a masquerade party. When she finally figures out what happened, she goes on a multi-candidate manhunt to track down her luck-stealer. Even though Lohan handpicked the actors for this kiss fest, executing a drive-by kissing in New York isn't always the easiest task. "It was uncomfortable because we were shooting in Central Park, and there were all these people lined up," she recalls. "I'm standing there jogging next to this guy, and all of a sudden you see me sort of attack the guy and kiss him." Eventually, she ended up going whole hog with the liplock for the "realism of the scene." Co-stars Bree Turner and Samaire Armstrong, who play Ashley's best friends Dana and Maggie, also were Lohan's partners in crime off the set. When they weren't writing songs for their garage band, buying out, or decorating their trailers, they went on mini road trips by hiring a limo and pretending to be the Spice Girls. Lohan adds, "I was Ginger Spice." [Belleville]


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