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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jamie Kennedy is trying to capaitalize on Malibu's Most Wanted

Jamie Kennedy sounds exhausted. Maybe it's because the busy actor-comedian is currently filming a series for MTV, he just wrapped a film in which he does his own vigorous break-dancing routines — and he’s just taken a painkiller that can cause drowsiness. "I'm not Elizabeth Taylor but I did just take a Vicodin," Kennedy says in a phone interview with "I’m in so much pain. I hurt my ribs." Kennedy, best known for his WB series "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" and for roles in the "Scream" films, hurt himself break-dancing for the movie "Kickin’ It Old Skool," which he just finished filming in Canada. His new TV series, "Blowin' Up," also starring his friend, actor Stu Stone, premieres May 16 and documents their quest to become hip-hop superstars. The idea for the show came about after Kennedy and Stone (who met on the set of the 2001 animated comedy "Da Mob") wrote and recorded a few rap songs. "The songs were getting better and better, and then we said we're going try to get a record deal," says Kennedy, 35. "The process of getting a record deal became so crazy, we kept saying to each other 'where are the cameras?' So we went to MTV and told them what was happening to us. They said it sounds interesting, so they started filming us and the show was born." [CBS]


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