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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Batwoman returns as a lesbian

BATWOMAN is making her comic book comeback — as a lesbian who has had an affair with a policewoman. Batman’s old flame, previously known for her girlish crush on the Caped Crusader, was last seen being killed by assassins almost 30 years ago. But not only is she to come back from the grave. This time around, the woman behind the mask, Kathy Kane, will be a buxom socialite romantically linked to expolice detective Renee Montoya. The arrival of the lesbian character, in a new weekly title called 52, is part of a drive by the American comic book industry to broaden its appeal by introducing more characters from minority groups. The £250million-a-year industry is increasingly dependent on the big injections of cash it receives from Hollywood, and publishers are keen to come up with more options. As well as Batwoman, DC Comics is relaunching Blue Beetle, formerly a white hero but now a Mexican teenager. DC’s main rival, Marvel Comics, is also dusting off old characters — and two of its black superheroes, Black Panther and Storm, are soon to marry. Comic book writer Judd Winick said DC had featured minorities before and the push is aimed at a more accurate reflection of Western society. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada added: ‘This is not just about race or sexuality. We’re looking for great characters.’ [Mumbai]


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