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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Shakira's breasts will stay how they are.

Colombian stunner Shakira, a singer/songwriter who humorously admits she was once concerned about the size of her "humble" breasts, has happily abandoned plans to have them surgically enhanced. The sexy hitmaker referred to her despair in her latest album 'Oral Fixation Volume 2.' Shakira says, "The first line I wrote for this new album was, 'I told you I felt lucky with my humble breasts. Well I'm not.' "That's when I was considering going under the knife, but now I'm completely against the idea. But you never know - maybe next year you'll see me with one side bigger than the other." But now she says she is content to be natural, and we applaud Shakira's stand in favor of natural beauty, an attribute she has in abundance.. no plastic involved.


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