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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lucy's going back to China

Lucy Liu is returning to her Chinese roots for a harrowing new movie about the world AIDS epidemic. The Charlie's Angels star will appear in the Chinese language segment of new film 3 Needles, and admits it's one of the most important movies she has ever made. She explains, "The portion that we shot is representing China so everything is in subtitles. There's an African portion and a portion shot in Montreal about the porn industry and Aids." The film has already been well received at a series of high profile screenings, and Liu hopes it will help young film fans around the world have a better understanding of the killer disease. She adds, "A lot of people in China and Africa don't know that they have AIDS. They know they don't feel well and are sick and even if they do know they might not have the ability to get the medication for that. "When it comes to things as vital as AIDS and when you've been to Africa and China it's really important to get the facts of what it can do and how it changes your life completely." [EChina]


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