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One day I will run a trashy tabloid. Until then, this will have to suffice.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kelly O. irritated by fat label

Kelly Osbourne has apparently put her recent weight-loss down to giving up her favourite biscuits, taking up dancing and moving to London.

According to cousin and hair stylist, Terry Longden, Jammie Dodgers were almost an addiction for Kelly. “There was never just one packet in her dressing room - they left a case. Nobody was allowed to touch them,” he told Reveal magazine recently.

“We knew better than to come between her and her Jammie Dodgers. I pinched one and she chased me down the tour bus.” “She’s irritated when people label her as fat. They see chubby cheeks first and assume [she is] fat all over,” Terry continued. “But now Kelly’s got her own place in London and is spending more time over here, where the portions are smaller, the weight has fallen off.” [Fametastic]


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