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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Kate filming Holiday

(KP International) – Kate Winslet has revealed that during filming of last year's 'Romance & Cigarettes' the determined actress didn't let a little thing like moviemaking get in the way of feeding her newborn son. "I would literally feed him, throw on a tracksuit and lump my way into work with massive breasts and rehearse between feeds," recalls Winslet about filming in 2004, just eight weeks after giving birth. "My costar Mary-Louise Parker's little boy was only five weeks old too, so in between scenes we could hear one another's breast pumps through the walls of our trailers," Winslet told Britain's Sunday Times newspaper. "One particularly ridiculous moment came when we were filming in Agent Provocateur underwear and ended up running over," said four-time Oscar-nominee. "I had to put the milk in a freezer bag and get some random set driver I'd never met before to take the milk back to our house." [IE]


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