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Friday, January 27, 2006

Kate signs Lila Grace up for preschool in LA

KATE Moss has enrolled her daughter in a Los Angeles nursery - fuelling speculation she plans to settle in America Kate, 32, told friends she now considers LA to be home and will buy a large house in Malibu. The supermodel is also said to have asked her British nanny to stay on in LA to care for Lila Grace, three. One friend said: "Kate is determined to make the move. She told me 'I want a lifestyle where I'm not the only focus of attention, as I seem to be in England'." Kate, who has been staying at the Paris Ritz all week, has told pals she is terrified to return to Britain in case she is arrested at the airport. One said: "She knows it will be a circus." Police have waited four months to question Kate following a Mirror exposŽ of her cocaine abuse. Her aides said this week they were fixing an interview date. Last night another pal denied Kate was quitting Britain for good, adding: "It's her home." [Mirror] Thanks to Danielle @ JJB for pics!


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