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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Will Nick settle?

t's still impossible to say if Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will ever be together again as man and wife. The once all-American 'Newlyweds' now seemed to be fending off several rumors a day, and while that's likely good for their careers, it can't be good for their personal life. And as third parties seem to be rearing their collective heads with the gossip circuit and several accusations, the real third item in this split will be cold hard cash. Star Magazine takes a stab at exactly how Nick will deal with the asset division. In other words - will Nick settle? A report accurately notes that if this thing gets to a real battle about money, Nick will likely lose in the eyes of the public. Plus a protracted financial fight will cost Lachey attorney's fees and court costs if they don't use a private judge. No matter how much or how little - it will cut into Nick's financial take. Plus, there's that whole male pride thing. If it gets to the point where these two cite irreconcilable differences, and finalize this mess with a divorce, they will likely use a private judge (As Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt did during their divorce). And it would be wise for Nick to grab as much cash as he can without seeming greedy and leave with his dignity intact. His career will be better for it. [National Ledger]


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