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Saturday, December 17, 2005

TomKat celebrate a birthday!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes greeted the season in style Thursday in New York, as they celebrated her birthday with dinner, a private trip to the FAO Schwarz toy store – where Tom entertained with handstands – and a late-night ice-skating adventure in the rain, PEOPLE reports exclusively. While Holmes spent the day shopping at such Madison Avenue boutiques as Barneys, Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu and Chloe, her husband-to-be didn't come out of the hotel until dinner time, whereupon he scored high marks with the bartender at the Post House steakhouse – despite the fact that, as a Scientologist, Tom doesn't imbibe. "He seems like a regular guy," the bartender tells PEOPLE. "He was very nice." After the midtown feast with a group of about a dozen people, Holmes's pre-birthday celebration (she turns 27 on Sunday) continued at Fifth Avenue institution FAO Schwarz, which was closed to the public by the time the Cruise contingent arrived around 9:30 p.m. The toy store was ready for them, too: festooned with balloons tied to small white tiger dolls and 7'-tall stuffed giraffes. But the real show was put on by Tom and his pregnant fiancée, with both of them performing on top of the store's giant piano – jumping, bouncing, trying to tickle out a tune on the ivories. At one point, Tom did a handstand. Katie must have approved: She clapped and laughed before the couple embraced and shared a long, 30-second kiss. The emporium also had a surprise in store of the birthday girl: cupcakes with candles, which she blew out with Tom's help. The party then moved downstairs, near the videogame area, and by 11:30 p.m., the pair were ready to move on, thanks to a caravan of four SUVs. But the night wasn't over. Despite some nasty rain with some sleet thrown in, Tom and Katie took to Central Park's Wollman Rink (the same one that King Kong and Naomi Watts use onscreen in the new movie epic) and skated, in between hugging and kissing. They remained on the ice for about half an hour, after which Katie took refuge inside while Tom continued to skate a little longer. Around 12:30 a.m., the group left the park and returned to the hotel – hopefully to get the mom-to-be into some dry clothes. [More pictures at People]


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