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Thursday, December 15, 2005

'Super Size Me' Spurlock takes on new documentary

"Super Size Me" helmer Morgan Spurlock has optioned bestseller "The Republican War on Science" to direct as a docu project next year. Tome, by Chris Mooney, explores the motivations behind the U.S. government's stances on scientific topics, from stem-cell research and climate change to missile defense and sex education. Mooney argues in "War" that the right-wing approach to scientific research is born of a conservative distaste for environmental, health and safety regulations, as well as evolution theory and legalized abortion. "War" was published by Basic Books in August. "There was a time when science was respected by politicians and government officials and when the information obtained through unbiased scientific exploration was used for the better of society," said Spurlock. "Today, all of that is being ignored, manipulated and used incorrectly to further political agendas. We need the real answers to the big questions." Spurlock will develop the project through his shingle Warrior Poets. Helmer recently produced the docu "Class Act," about the elimination of arts programs in schools, and is the creator of the FX skeinskein "30 Days." [Variety]


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