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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Storm's wig brought Halle back for X3

According to US reports, naughty minx Halle Berry became so attached to her blonde wig from the X-Men films that she agreed to sign-up for the third flick! OK, it might also have something to do with a big fat paycheck, a great cast and a fine director, but the wig line is far more interesting. Berry, who plays sexy Storm, the weather-controlling mutant in the action trilogy (!), says she’s keen to see her character through to the end. "When you are together (as a cast) this long, you make friends for life. And you get close to your own character. You want to see them through to the end,” she told USA Today. "I just couldn't stomach someone else being in the Storm wig." See, we told you that was the deal breaker. The third movie is scheduled to be released in May 2006, and Berry revealed that Storm’s saucy style has been sexed-up even more: “The girl just can't stay out of the salon." Probably because she keeps playing with the climate all the time. [MegaStar]


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