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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Madonna's clothes embarrass Lourdes

Pop queen Madonna's fashion sense has received criticisms from none other than her nine-year-old daughter Lourdes, who sometimes gets embarrassed by what she wears and wants her to be a normal mum. The 47-year-old singer has admitted that her little daughter has now started instructing her to dress normally like the other mums, when she comes to collect her from school, as she is ashamed of seeing her clothed like a pop star. "My daughter is critical. Sometimes she totally disapproves of what I wear. She doesn't want me to look too strange," Contactmusic quoted the star, as saying. "If I pick her up from school she instructs me to dress normally... My daughter has a new routine too. She goes, 'Why can't you just be like normal mothers?'" she added. However, Madonna doesn't have to get upset, as she still has one fan who never lets her down - her five-year-old son Rocco. "He tells me I look beautiful no matter what," said Madonna.(ANI)


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