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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Katie Holmes shops, Tom pisses some more people off

After drawing flak for his comments on post-partum depression, actor Tom Cruise has now been dropped from the good books of firefighters, for advising them to ignore their doctors' orders and turn to the Scientology method of getting well. Cruise's encouragement to emergency services victims, suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation from the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, to leave their medication and inhalers and turn to the Scientology treatment of sauna sessions, ingestion of cooking oil and large doses of niacin, has drawn the wrath of the Deputy Fire Commissioner Frank Gibson who said that Cruise's method had been judged as potentially harmful by members of the medical profession. "If our doctors are prescribing medication, and they (Scientologists) are saying 'don't take it', that's a problem for us," Contactmusic quoted him, as telling the New York Post. He added that the department's deputy chief medical officer Dr David Prezant was also critical of the treatment. "He (Prezant) is not pleased when patients are advised to disobey doctors' orders. That's where he drew the line," he said. Cruise, however, has defended the venture, and said that it had helped more than 500 people to become fit once again. "More than 500 individuals have recovered health and job fitness through this project," the actor said. The "War of the Worlds" star is the co-founder of the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project and has been supporting a new Scientology clinic preaching these remedies near the Ground Zero site. (ANI)


  • At 1/29/2006 10:33:00 PM, Anonymous cyrus said…

    I read your article again and wanted to know if you could put a a correction or further data could be added to this article. It gives misleading data that could be harmful to people wanting to get off drugs. Look at this article to show what the results really are:
    Sunday Telegraph (Australia). Jan 8, 2006. pg. 27
    Packer`freed me from drugs'
    A FORMER drug addict who says she owes her life to Kerry Packer has thanked the late media mogul for his generosity. Bronte woman Robey Carter [daughter of Packer family swim coach Jack Carter] was a drug user [METHADONE] for 27 years until Mr Packer and son James intervened early last year.
    "It's saved my life and given me the freedom to live again. I'm just so grateful for it," she said.
    When the Packers learned of Ms Carter's battle, they sent her to the tranquil Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre, in East Warburton, and stationed her youngest child, three-year-old Clay, nearby.

    Besides, Scientologists don't recommend disobeying doctor's orders like it says in your sourced article. That's not true. But ANYONE who has a question about doctor's orders can get a second opinion and all people who do programs like Tom Cruise supported, get a medical check before they start and are ok'd to do the program by a qualified and certified medical doctor.

    As far as cooking oil goes, the principle is basically that drug residues get locked up in the fatty tissues of the body. During the program, one is losing some of this tissue through the sauna and one simply drinks perhaps a quarter cup of oil to allow the body to replace it with clean tissue.

    Yours sincerely,



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