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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Eva is SOOOO happy to be nominated

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA has thanked her fans for supporting her, after finally scooping a Golden Globe nomination. The sexy actress hit headlines last year (04), when she was the only one out of the show's leading stars to be overlooked for both Golden Glove and Emmy nominations. And after getting the news yesterday (13DEC05) that she'd been nominated, she admits she literally fell out of bed. She says, "It was my sister (who told me). She goes, 'You got nominated!' I said, 'No I didn't,' and she said, 'Yeah, you did!' "I didn't think I did because it wasn't my publicist or my manager (telling me) and I was like, 'No, somebody would have called by now if I had gotten nominated." She adds, "It's nice to be the underdog. Everybody was rooting for me to get nominated. And just that made me cry when I heard in the press room that everybody cheered when they said my name." This year (05), NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN stands as the only main player on the show to go without a nomination. [CM]


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