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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Brit and Kevin making headlines

His music cost her a million: Singer Britney Spear's hubby Kevin Federline may not be vocally skilled, but that has not stopped him from allegedly spending more than a million dollars of his wife's money to jump start his music career. According to reports, Federline not only splashed a staggering 500,000 dollars to built a recording studio in the couple's Malibu mansion, but also spent another half a million in flying in hip-hop producers for recording sessions. However, the adage 'money can't buy talent' seems to be true in Kevin's case, as Britney remains unimpressed with his music. According to a source, the real singer in the family is also furious at the easy way her hard earned millions seem to flow out of her husband's hands. "Britney's had it with Kevin's excessive spending. She is not impressed by the music but doesn't know how to break it to him," Femalefirst quoted the source, as saying.(ANI) He's begging for her to take him back: Britney Spears hubby Kevin Federline may just have nailed his own coffin after he not only begged the singer for a reconciliation, but also asked her to return his 100,000 pound Ferrari. Federline followed the singer to Las Vegas where she was to attend the Billboard Awards, and reportedly begged her forgiveness for bringing home a druggie friend. However, Kevin managed to spoil the effect of his pleadings by asking Britney if she could return his beloved car to him. "He's been calling all the time asking for forgiveness, saying he wants to be together as a family. He angered Britney by asking for his car but backed off when she got mad and went out with pals," The Sun quoted a source, as saying. According to the source, even though Britney is apparently fed up with her husband's partying and drinking, she is still devastated by the split and may still agree to give her rocky marriage another chance for the sake of the couple's two month old son Sean Preston. "Although Britney has been partying with pals, deep down she's devastated by the split. She's so young and already has one failed marriage, not to mention the baby with Kevin. That's why she may take him back," the source added.(ANI) And X-tina tells her she gets what she paid for: Pop tart Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera reportedly 'kissed and made up' last month after Brit's baby was born. Aguilera allegedly dissed Brit pretty hard during her pregnancy when Spears was packing on the pounds, saying "she'd let herself go." Aguilera later denied those reports, but now Christina is at it again if a report from the American tabloid 'The Star' is to be believed. And reportedly - the shot at Brit came at the lavish wedding between Chris and new hubby Jordan Bratman late last month. Overheard at the ceremony, Aguilera reportedly ripped into Britney about her wild hubby Kevin Federline. 'Several guests' heard the blonde newlywed "Express gratitude that that she wasn't marrying a devoted womanizer like Britney's estranged hubby Kevin Federline who was recently spotted in Las Vegas partying without Brit. Though guests said she took the shot in a 'joking manner' the buzz was "why even bring up the old feud" especially on her wedding day. [National Ledger]


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