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Monday, October 31, 2005

Lil Kim sings her way through jail

Hip-hop honey Lil' Kim has found an innovative way to channel her frustrations in prison — writing new songs and singing them in her cell. Inmates at her federal lockup in Philadelphia told The Post that Kim has become feverish in her intent to pen as many rap numbers as she can over the next year. And the second she's sprung from the joint, the curvy, 4-foot-11 ball of fire plans to race into the studio to record them, they said. Already, there appears to be enough new material for several CDs. "She's writing a lot of music in there," said Maricela Cuvlye, 30, an inmate who was released last week after serving six years behind bars. "She spends lots of time in her cell by herself, just to write." Prisoners say the fallen rap queen seems quite pleased with her new songs because whenever they pass her cell, she appears to be in her own world, furiously scribbling down lyrics, smiling and tapping out beats. "She's always happy, and she's always singing," one inmate said. [NYPost]


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