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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Danny's attacker arrested!

For the Real World fans: Free Image Hosting - The man who may have been responsible for breaking the face of Danny Jamieson, MTV's 'The Real World Austin's' cast member, was indicted for two counts of aggravated assault in June. Ryan Richard Getman, an Austin resident, was arrested after still pictures were extracted from the video MTV had of the fight, which occurred on Sixth Street in Austin's renowned entertainment district. Jamieson also gave the officer copies of his medical records and X-rays after the incident. The station producer reported to the police that they mistakenly believed the man to be "Brian Getman" and gave officials his address. A verbal confrontation between housemate Wes and other Sixth Street revelers led up to physical disaster for Jamieson.The squabble, televised nationally in June, showed Jamieson being knocked to the ground when trying to pull Wes out of a fight and then being punched on the left side of his face. The next few episodes went through the injuries the cast member suffered, his doctor's visits and surgery. In Jamieson's statement to the police and on camera he described his injuries as a broken cheek bone, broken orbital bone, damage to the nerves in his face, and damage to his eye and to his vision. "When [he] closes his right eye, the left eye's vision is blurry. It is not as good as it used to be," Officer Jerry Sullivan reported in court documents. Sullivan said he looked at the pictures MTV gave him and believed they matched Getman's appearance. Getman has been previously charged in Austin for theft by check and two driving misdemeanors. [Daily Texan] Image via TVgasm


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