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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Say whoops upside ya head...

On Saturday, a 'loyal fan' was beat down on stage at the "How The West Was One" tour featuring Snoop Dogg and The Game. This weekend, 24-year-old Richard Monroe claims that he was pummeled after jumping on stage to dance to the "Gin and Juice" classic at the Snoop Dogg and Game concert at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn. Monroe reported to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that he was attacked by approximately twelve people who punched and kicked him repeatedly. He also alleged that they stole his watch, cell phone, wallet, and diamond studs. According to eyewitnesses, among the twelve attackers were Snoop Dogg, The Game and Oowee. Marshall Thatcher, 17, who sat in the front row stated, "The Game was throwing everything he had into it and you could see Oowee moving back and forward and kicking the guy. I was kind of shocked." Monroe was taken by ambulance to Auburn Regional Medical Center and was treated for bruised ribs, a broken nose and a busted lip. Monroe labels himself as "a loyal fan" of Snoop Dogg and said that shortly after getting onstage, the rapper's bodyguards pounced on him and dragged him to the back of the stage. "White River security guards didn't do anything. They didn't help," said Monroe. "What are they there for?" The administrators from the Auburn venue acknowledged that a fan had approached the artist on stage "unexpectedly" and was removed. White River Amphitheatre's executive director, Lance Miller, commented, "The safety and security of our artists and our patrons is very important to us. We fully support the local authorities in their investigation of this incident." Some questioned whether the brawl was staged by the rappers to engage the audience's attention. Monroe responded, "It was no act. They beat me like a slave. It's horrible. They just went too far." []


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