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Friday, June 09, 2006

Nick and Jess divorce final on the 17th??

It looks like the Newlyweds are to be Newlydivorced: a new reports claims Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will be officially divorced in less than ten days. The couple split in November after three years of marriage and according to a source quoted in Life & Style Weekly, the divorce will be finalised on 17th June. The magazine also notes that Nick wanted a trial separation or counselling but it was Jessica who pushed to file for divorce. Since the split, Nick has been linked to a number of different women but according to Star magazine, Jessica is finding it tougher to find love. An inside source has revealed: “Jessica’s learning that most men aren’t as commitment as Nick was.” “She’s seen that there aren’t many eligible men who are serious boyfriend material. Most men she meets look at her as an easy score or a ditzy blonde.” [Fametastic]


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