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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amy Smart weighs in on new TV role

Rising star Amy Smart reports she's already working out with a trainer for her role -- as a sophisticated criminal who also happens to be a showgirl -- in John Wells' fall-debuting CBS "Smith" series, in which she's to team with Ray Liotta, Simon Baker and Virginia Madsen. Not that she'll definitely be seen sporting skimpy showgirl attire on stage. "That's just one of many things she does," says Smart. "I just want to be ready for this girl, whatever." With the kind of big-screen action she's been having in her career, Smart admits the idea of doing a TV series gave her pause. "Television is such a bigger commitment. For me, I wanted to make sure it was something with a character I really loved and actors I really wanted to be on set with every day," she says. "John Wells is so talented at creating interesting, complex characters," she adds of the creative force behind "E.R." and "The West Wing." How is her character? "Dangerous," replies Smart with a smile. Smart, who already has such big-screen fare as "Just Friends" behind her -- and the Jason Statham thriller "Crank" due in September -- has "Peaceful Warrior" opening in limited release Friday (6/2). She plays the enchanting, elusive Joy in the Lionsgate adaptation of Dan Millman's beloved spiritual saga, with Scott Mechlowicz as the champion gymnast who relearns life and Nick Nolte as his service station-based guru, Socrates. "I had been a fan of the book since I read it about 10 years ago. It immediately changed my perspective and gave me more awareness of life," notes Amy. She adds, "Initially, I wanted to meet Joy and talk to her about her story, but I heard she was a pretty private person. Then Dan Millman said, 'Make it your own.'" And she did. [National Ledger]


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