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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mickey Rourke's carrer continues on the upswing

Quentin Tarantino wants Mickey Rourke to star in a quirky new horror project he's working on with the actor's Sin City director, Robert Rodriguez. The filmmaker admits he's a huge fan of Rourke and has been waiting for the right character to come along, so he can cast him in a movie. And now Tarantino feels sure the star will be the perfect leading man in his new shock horror film, Grind House. Tarantino says, "He's kicking a** and taking names like nobody's business." The director hopes the new project will transport movie fans back to the days when they could see two films back to back at "ghetto theatres." He explains, "(You'd) see an exploitation double feature when they used to come out. So we're (Tarantino and Rodriguez) going to do two horror films and release them together, and set it all up like a real night at the movie theatre. All the intermission stuff will be there. Between the movies, we're going to do trailers for exploitation movies that don't exist... It'll be just like going to one of those movie theatres that don't exist anymore." [Starpulse]


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