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Thursday, May 25, 2006

L.Lo out shopping

Lindsay Lohan has revealed that one of her best friends passed away while she was filming yet another film ‘Bobby’. The film revolves around the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy; as Lindsay was shooting the film, an old friend was dying from meningitis. The young film star was forced between continuing with the film or visiting her friend on her death bed. According to MTV, Lindsay spoke about her friend saying: "Our families are best friends and she was like a cousin, so you can imagine," "I was on the phone with her parents every single night, and just before she died, I wanted to fly back to see her so badly." However, director Emilio Estevez had only 30 days in which to shoot the majority of the film at a central location a factor that Lindsay could not get round in her bid to visit her friend. Lindsay was busy filming an important ‘shooting’ scene the day her friend passed away, she said: "Even though no one else died (at Bobby’s assassination), a number of other people were shot as well," "So I had to stay and shoot it. My friend ended up passing away that same day, so the scene is really personal for me. It was the most tragic one I've ever had to do and required the most acting. “Other roles I've had didn't require as much acting, because my character was closer to my own age and experience. This time, I had to go to that darker place and use that for my work." ‘Bobby’ is scheduled for release later this year. [Entertainmentwise]


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