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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hugh Jackman got Punk'd

Actor Hugh Jackman was the victim of the "the biggest Punk'd they've ever done", and was left horrified by the incident. The X-Men star was invited to the house of the film's director Brett Ratner and was persuaded to try and fix his barbecue. When Jackman failed to get it to work, the pair went out to dinner. When they returned, the whole house was in flames. "When we get back there are four fire trucks, 100 fireman. The entire house is on fire. They had explosions, they had smoke, they were throwing couches out the window. After five minutes the guy came down and says, 'We've discovered the source--it's coming from the barbecue.' Jackman was terrified he had caused the damage, as well as harm to three other houses. "When the guy told me I'd been Punk'd, I was so into it I was like, 'How can he be joking at a time like this?' When I finally realized (what was going on), I just lay down on the ground." [DigitalSpy]


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