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Monday, May 08, 2006

Beyonce and Jay-Z on the beach

Paris Bennett has commented on the rumor that Beyonce Knowles' father/manager wants to help launch her music career. "Well, it can’t really be confirmed, " Paris told reporters on Thursday. "But I can say that Matthew Knowles is definitely a person that I would love to work with and that I am anxious to work with. We’re in the midst of things, and hopefully, the next time you guys see me after the [American Idol] tour…he’ll be a part of that." Paris says she plans to record an "unpredictable" album. "It definitely will have jazz in it," she said. "It definitely will have R&B. [And] it definitely will have rock, since I stepped into a new era as of when I did Queen...I’m just going to try to give you guys a little bit of everything, just because that is who I am." [About]


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