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One day I will run a trashy tabloid. Until then, this will have to suffice.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Simple Life is never so simple

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The fourth season of The Simple Life is set to start shooting Feb. 24, but those close to the production have reportedly cast doubt that the hit reality show will ever become a reality, according to a report in Star magazine. "Paris [Hilton] is still consulting her lawyers to come up with a last-minute way out," a source close to the show told Star People. "She wants no part of it. She's about to launch her first album in a few months, and that's what she wants to focus on." Paris is reportedly miffed that the show was moved from the mega-reach of the Fox network to the much smaller niche network E! "To her, to be reduced to a cable show is humiliating," the source tells the Star. Fox reportedly axed Paris, 24, and her co-star, Nicole Richie, 24, after their much publicized feud and refusals to appear on-screen together. E! is reportedly allowing the sexy socialites to film their scenes separately by using a format in which each subs as a mother and wife to a family they've never met. [PC]


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