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Friday, January 20, 2006

Posh Spice says wear tighter pants

Victoria Beckham has revealed her top tip to seduce a man - wear skin tight jeans, a figure hugging top and "killer" high heels. The beautiful star - who is married to England football ace David Beckham - says the "simple but sexy" look is the way to a man's heart. Victoria was speaking backstage after a dazzling appearance at men's fashion week in Milan. She said: "The ideal clothes to seduce a man are simple but sexy, high heels, tight jeans and a tight T-shirt." The mum-of-three had been personally invited to open the fashion show by one of her favourite designers, Roberto Cavalli. The former Spice Girl said: "I was happy to accept Roberto's invitation because I love him and his clothes." [TeenToday]


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