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Monday, January 23, 2006

Jude dumps Sienna, again

Actress Sienna Miller has split yet again from her on/off boyfriend/fiancée Jude Law. Not content about being out of the headlines for a few weeks Miller and Law have managed to draw attention to them selves for the millionth time in the past year. The troubles first began for the couple when Law publicly announced that he had been unfaithful by having a fling with his children’s nanny. It was then revealed that Sienna had got her own back by bedding Law’s best friend Daniel Craig. The couple seemed to be patching things up recently; however, Law then dropped the bombshell that he was planning on renting a home in Los Angeles with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and their children. Law was planning on living in the house while he filmed new movie ‘Holiday’ with Kate Winslet. However, when Sienna heard about the plan she reportedly went off her trolley, a source told Sun: "She screamed at Jude when he told her. "She claimed that he might as well get back with her if he's prepared to live with her." [Entertainmentwise] Thanks to Mary @ JJB for scans!


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