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Friday, January 20, 2006

Joel Madden: Hil D.'s number 1 fan, actor

PARK CITY, Utah — Joel Madden's transition from musician to actor might be a little easier than most who've walked down that path. He is, after all, dating one of the most successful young musician/actors in Hollywood. "She'll probably help coach me along," the Good Charlotte singer said Friday (January 20), wearing an airbrushed hat that read "Hilary Duff's #1 Fan." "I really do respect her work, so she's someone who will help me when I ask her questions. I'll say, 'How did you do that?' and she'll tell me." At the Sundance Film Festival to promote the tour documentary "Fast Future Generation," (see "Good Charlotte's 'Future' And Jennifer Aniston's 'Friends' Get Sundance Started") Madden on Friday revealed that he'll be acting in a movie called "Valley of the Damned." The gritty drama, which tells the story of a troubled young woman and her little brother, begins shooting in the spring and will be directed by Marvin Scott Jarrett, who also helmed "Fast Future Generation." "For us, what 'Trainspotting' was to the '90s, we see 'Valley of the Damned' being to this decade," said Jarrett, who has formed a production company with Madden and his bandmate brother, Benji. "To me, 'Trainspotting' was everything: It was a movie, it was soundtrack, even the posters that you saw — everything about it all worked together. It was a real time. That's what we want to do for this decade." [MTV] Thanks to Chrissy @ JJB for pics!


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