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Monday, January 30, 2006

Heidi, Seal and baby!

Health experts and parents have slammed German beauty Heidi Klum for encouraging aspiring models to starve themselves during her new TV show "Germany's Next Top Model." The German version of the hit American show is in jeopardy of being axed after low ratings on its debut and severe public criticism following the supermodel's discouraging remarks. The 32-year-old wife of British singer Seal provoked outrage when she told a contestant, "Top designers need only girls with dream figures." In Klum's homeland, 100,000 women aged 15 to 25 suffer from anorexia and another 600,000 with bulimia, leaving health experts skeptical of the show's premise. Eating disorder expert Dr. Ulrich Rau says, "I consider such a TV show to be very dangerous. Most of these girls who want to be models are already too thin." [Starpulse] Thanks to Tina @ JJB for pics!


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