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Monday, January 23, 2006

Charlize at North Country premiere in Australia

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron has brought peak hour Sydney traffic to a halt on arrival for the Australian premiere of her movie North Country. Theron, who plays a plain scruffy iron miner in the film, walked over to more than 200 screaming fans behind a barricade across the busy CBD road from Sydney's State Theatre during her red carpet arrival. She'd ditched the mining overalls for a Collette Dinnigan short silver mini dress and appeared to have forgotten last week's reports of having snubbed waiting media and barging a photographer at Sydney airport. Theron said she had ignored the waiting media throng at the airport and put a bag and jacket up to her face because she likes to keep her private life private. But, she said, she's excited to be in Australia promoting a film she feels strongly about. "It's all been about the film. It's wonderful to be nominated (for awards) but to me it's about being part of a fantastic film," said the 30-year-old South African. "I feel like when you do a great film and something you are proud of - that's the award." [nineMSN]


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