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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Goldie gets Kurt to star in her movie

Goldie Hawn didn't have to go far to cast the lead in her directorial debut: she just asked her longtime partner Kurt Russell. "Goldie's written a picture called 'Ashes to Ashes,' which she has asked me to star in." Russell confirmed at the London premiere of his latest flick 'Poseidon.' "She's going to direct the movie and I'm going to play the lead role." But the comedy won't be a full family affair without Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson. "Kate is not going to be involved, but she will definitely be in the next project we're doing," promised Russell. 'Ashes to Ashes,' which chronicles the plight of a New York widow as she takes her late exhusband's ashes to rest in India, will also give Hawn her first writing credit. [IE]


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