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Thursday, March 23, 2006

George Clooney on set of Michael Clayton

George Clooney has a battle on his hands and is heading towards a Magnum style shoot-out with Vince Vaughn. When it comes to winning a movie role Hollywood's elite can get nasty, and this time it's Gorgeous George getting ready for battle. The Oscar winning actor is going head to head with Vince to try and land the coveted role of Magnum Pi in the forthcoming remake. Tom Selleck played the super cool detective in the original TV series and the fisticuffs are set to begin as the two top actors fight to take his place. George has been top of the list for a while, but with Vince getting more publicity due to his alleged relationship with a certain Jennifer Aniston, bets are now being taken on him adopting the legendary moustache. [ITV]


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